Keep Your Helmet On – Safety Bike Riding

Research has shown that wearing a helmet significantly reduces the chance of serious injuries when it comes to outdoor activities. That little device on your head that you always complain about it being heavy and uncomfortable could save your life one day.

How a helmet function is simple: It absorbs all the forces in the event of an accident, so your head is kept intact. Moreover, the helmet is made of outer protection with 3 main parts: the shell, liner, and interior. With this design, the force could be dispersed evenly across the helmet, efficiently reducing the chance of injury.

There are so many good bike helmet brands on the market that you’ll be drowned with the choice. Moreover, the technology has improved so much, that helmet has evolved from protecting your head to providing a lot of comfort to your rides, such as air ventilation, debris protection, and wireless Bluetooth connection.


It is estimated that 75% 85% of the bike-related injury won’t happen if the helmet is there. Sadly, many people still do not understand the importance of wearing a helmet, citing little reasons for not using one such as follows:

Helmets Are Ugly

Well, you will not look attractive after an accident, I am quite sure of that. It’s worth noting that there are severe efforts from helmet manufacturer to make it look as lovely as possible. However, the main idea of the helmet is to keep you safe, and design should not come first when it comes to purchasing a helmet.

Also, the accident could strike when you least expect it. Even when working with simple tools such as drill press or angle grinder, there are documented cases of serious accidents. A motorcycle or a bike ride is a highly dangerous activity; therefore, use of a helmet is mandatory.

The Helmet Makes You Uncomfortable

This point has some merits. The helmet could be very heavy on your head, and sometimes make you feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, you should invest in a good quality helmet with lightweight material and proper ventilation. With that, you’ll love to put on your helmet when you ride, as you could barely feel it.

Nobody I Know Wears a Helmet

You should be the pioneer to convince them to try on the helmet. It is for everyone’s benefits! If nobody does it before, it doesn’t mean wearing a helmet is a bad thing. You have research to back you up for wearing a helmet: It saves your life. Period!

If anyone comes to you asking why you should wear a helmet, blown them away with these arguments:

Helmet Prevent Serious Head Injury

Your head is your life. The helmet protects your head, so your experience depends on the helmet in case of an accident.



A lot of things happen on the road. Sometimes, a car hit you merely because the driver does not see you in the first place. Having a helmet with reflective strip help, you become more visible to the drivers.

Protection From The Weather

When you ride, the weather might not be your friend. Rains and intense sun could do severe damage to your body, especially on a more extended road trip. Having a comfortable helmet helps you to preserve your energy and improve you last longer on the road.


So wearing a helmet is essential when you go for a motorcycle ride. It helps prevent you from serious injuries. Remember, the accident could come any time, so you’d better prepared, than feel sorry. Always wear a helmet!